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August 3, 2006
BagEm Packaging Services is pleased to announce that we are now supplying autoclave bags to the medical industry.

Our autoclave bags for biohazardous waste, made of PP or HDPE, are strong, pliable, leak and puncture-resistant. When in the process of autoclaving, these bags are not closed too tightly so that steam can enter the bag to sterilize contents. A special heat resistant closure is being developed to go around the opening loosely to prevent the contents from spilling over during autoclaving. After autoclaving, the closure can be used to close the opening before being disposed of. Our bags can be made in different colours with or without printing in accordance to the standards and requirements of different regions and countries.

These are the specs for our autoclave bags:

  • Dart impact resistance, as set by ASTM D1709-85:
    • PP:400 grams (at 2 mil or 51 microns)
    • HDPE: 165 grams (at 1.5 mil or 38 microns)
  • Maximum temperature resistance:
    • PP:140 degrees Celsius
    • HDPE: 127 degrees Celsius
  • Normal application temperature:
    • PP:134 degrees Celsius
    • HDPE: 121 degrees Celsius
Please do not hesitate to inquire about our autoclave bags, and check back for more updates!