BagEm Packaging Incorporated is a packaging materials distributor located in Toronto, Ontario, established in 2003. We provide our clients with quality products at very competitive prices. In our brief existence, we have helped our clients reduce cost and package their products with our quality packaging material, whether it is a cake band that goes around a cheese cake or a zip lock bag for tortillas or a side weld bag for electronic parts.

Our main supply source comes from China and other Asian countries. It is without a doubt the Asian countries who have taken up the role of global manufacturers, especially China. Equipped with an abundance of manpower and lower manufacturing costs, China and Asia are ready to sell and the rest of the world is ready to buy. It is an indisputable reality.

While we can help our clients realize the benefits of the exciting Asian manufacturing market, we also provide high quality products from local manufacturers for whatever your business needs.

BagEm has all the right ingredients to be your ideal supplier of packaging material:

  • Forty years of experience: one of our principal partners has been active in the local packaging material business for forty years. He has infused confidence into the company and helped the staff serve our clients more efficiently.
  • Knowledge of the buyers' market: with the years in the field, we know the rules and regulations of packaging. We know what our clients look for and are aware of their expectations.
  • Understanding the suppliers' market: with the years that one of the partners spent in China, we understand their business culture and we speak their language, literally and practically.
  • Our good business ethics: we are responsible, thorough and fair. We make sure our clients' requirements are met. They have our full support all the time. We are the bridge between our clients and manufacturers. Our ultimate goal is to close deals so all parties can benefit.
BagEm's specialty is food packaging material, we also welcome orders for material for other applications.

Our products include, but are not limited to: side weld bags, zip lock bags, microprerforated bread bags, PTO bags, T-shirt bags, metallized PE rolls, cake bands and clamshells. We custom make to customer specifications. We also involve ourselves in new product development, working with our clients and manufacturers to come up with a design that can package your product.

Please check Products for more details. If you do not see the product you need there, please contact us and we will be happy to source for you.